Photography Tips

Photography tips blog header with image of person taking a photo with a smartphone

You don’t have to be a pro to take great photos. The smartphone in your pocket has a camera that’s more than good enough for day-to-day events, so start sharing with your customers today!


The most important element of any photo is lighting. Make sure your light is bright enough so that the subject can be clearly seen, but not so bright as to be washed out. If in doubt, a photo that’s darker is easier to correct than one that is too bright. When taking photos indoors, you can control light by opening curtains and blinds. Photos of your business front or signage are best taken when the weather’s good, so take the opportunity to get some fresh air and a fresh new shot.

Subject Matter

Showcase your business by showing its character from all angles. Take photos of your storefront and the interior of your business as well. On job sites, before and after photos are invaluable for showcasing your services. Take care to remove clutter such as tools, paperwork, and garbage when possible. Photos of your staff add a personal touch that builds trust with your customers.

Horizontal or Vertical

When taking a photo, pay special attention to the orientation of the shot. Horizontal, or landscape mode, tends to be the best default. It’s easy to crop a horizontal image into a vertical one. Vertical, or portrait mode, works best as the name implies: when taking portrait photos.

If in doubt, it’s always best to take a variety of photo angles. You’re not paying to have film developed, so more is always better!

Share and Store

There’s no bad platform for sharing your photos. Your website, Google My Business listing, and Facebook pages are the best place to get started. Many industries benefit from posting on social media platforms as well. Read our article on which social media platforms are best for your business for more information. If you advertise, your publisher or printer will appreciate the additional content. Additionally, store your photos by date and subject matter for easy access in the future.