Pinterest: Why Your Business Should be Using it

When it comes to social media marketing, platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to rule the game, causing other platforms to fall by the wayside. While Facebook and Instagram are great for business, creative apps like Pinterest can positively impact your business too!

It’s becoming increasingly important to be creative and visual in your marketing, which is where Pinterest comes in. It’s one of the most popular social media sites in the world, yet many businesses overlook the platform. Whether you’re an established brand or just getting started, Pinterest can be an awesome tool for expanding your digital marketing horizons.

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to be inspired by billions (yes, billions) of ideas for recipes, DIYs, style inspiration, and much more. But how exactly can Pinterest be useful for businesses?

First of all, millions of people use it. As of 2019, Pinterest has 322 million active users, and that number is growing. Pinterest also has a high female user base; data shows that 7 out of 10 Pinterest users are women. This demographic is great for businesses whose primary customers are women or who want to increase their female audience, like boutiques, salons, and interior design companies. Another reason to check out Pinterest is that it allows you to build and enhance your brand’s aesthetic. It’s a visual platform, which makes it the perfect place to show off product photography and design work, as well as focus on building your business’s branding and visual appeal. Parks Project is an apparel company with a Pinterest that clearly establishes its brand aesthetic with fun, outdoorsy product photography that lets its unique products do the talking.

Using Pinterest can also increase sales! Since Pinterest is a place for users to discover products and services, it can be a great way to refer people to your business – Pinterest actually drives 33% more traffic to shopping websites than Facebook. The platform offers a ‘Shop’ tab that allows users to shop directly on the app, making it easy for businesses to sell their products on Pinterest.

Open your business to new opportunities by exploring different social media platforms like Pinterest. Not sure where to start? Pinnacle Marketing Group is here to help. Our skilled team would love to help create an effective social media strategy for your business.

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