Power of the Business Review

With the amount of technology giving customers the ability to read and write business reviews, a business must be vigilant in remembering how important those reviews can be to their brand. It’s nearly unheard of to not read a review about a product or service. As a consumer, you want to make sure you’re buying the right product or service, with the highest rating or positive reviews. We are more willing to make a purchase if others have agreed that buying a specific product is a good decision.

Reviews also make a business more visible in the eyes of the consumer. You might be a small business competing with a bigger box store, but if you have positive reviews, and a number of them, chances are you just might beat out your competition. Many customers turn to social media to find and read reviews, so making sure your brand is visible on those platforms is a must. Customer reviews help with content on your social media platforms, and content is king. Having a stream of positive reviews filter through these platforms also helps with your ranking on sites like Google.

Reviews help your brand image as well. They allow others to see how you treat your customers and what type of business you practice. In other words, reviews make your brand more trustworthy. This can help with the customer’s decision whether to buy from you or turn elsewhere. So many customers rely on reviews as part of their decision-making process.

As a business, it’s your responsibility to respond to your customer reviews, positive AND negative. When a business shows they are actively involved with the review system, it can turn a wishy-washy decision into a confirmed purchase. Say thank you to the positive reviews and with negative reviews, make sure to respond tactfully, address the issue with concern and understanding. More often than not, if you respond positively to a negative comment, others who read that review will see you took action and tried to right the situation.

The way you show the world who you are as a business and brand is important, and the best way to generate more sales is by making sure you have a way for people to talk about you. Reviews are the perfect way consumers can let others know what they think of your products and services. After all, word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool out there! Looking at marketing your brand? Pinnacle Marketing Group can help with a variety of services! From social media and video production to online advertising, Pinnacle’s services is a perfect fit for any small business.

About the author illustration for digital products specialist Holly Hedeen