Rank Top on Google

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Want your business to show up higher on Google search? We can help you to succeed on the web! Who doesn’t want a step up on their competition? Read on for tips to move up the rankings and potentially hit those coveted top spots.

Get To The Good Place

Success has a roadmap. There are no shortcuts to the top, and the climb takes time. The good news is, this applies to your competitors as well! Put in the work and it will pay off.

  1. Constantly Add Content: Your website’s value to Google rankings is based on how much content is on your site. There’s no end to ideas for new additions: photos, services, testimonials, FAQs, and videos are just a few. Ask your site provider for advice, we’re happy to make recommendations!
  2. Link Up: Links tell Google that you’re connected! Add social media accounts, professional business associations, and popular review sites to your business. Just like word of mouth builds relationships in your community, links build trust on the web.
  3. Get Specific: It’s good to be a big fish in a small pond. If there is a service you offer that none of your competitors do, it gives you a huge advantage. Plus, the more targeted you can be in your product descriptions the better you will rank! The phrase, “homemade specialty pizzas” adds lots of value over boring old “pizza”, for example.
  4. Know Your Competition: Constantly remind your customers of the services you offer. Don’t waste time comparing your business to similar ones that provide other services. When a customer decides to buy a “take-and-bake pizza”, they’re probably not looking at your sit-down restaurant. However, if you’ve recently started offering both sit-down meals and pre-made pies to go, there’s an opportunity to boost rankings!

Wait & Watch for Growth

In a physical store, you don’t know what your customers have seen before they decide to make a purchase or leave empty-handed. On your website, you can! Pinnacle Marketing Group provides monthly reports on Google Analytics. This info helps you know what customers are viewing on your website, and how they respond to it. We can even use targeted ads for specific goals such as hiring employees or selling more products. These tools help you shape your strategy for success.

Beware of Scammers

Be cautious of phone calls from people that claim to be from Google. Companies that offer #1 rankings on Google in exchange for payment are deceptive or even illegal. Do not be fooled! Google will never call and ask for payment information over the phone! If Google does call, it is only for specific, non-sales based questions. Learn more about how to protect yourself and report suspicious calls at Google’s My Business Help page.