Reading Your Google Analytics Report

How to read your analytics report blog header

If you are a Pinnacle Marketing Group website client, we will set up your Google Analytics account and send you a report each month. We also go through the process of blocking traffic from bots and countries your business doesn’t pertain to, so your results are more accurate.

Below is an example of what your monthly report from Pinnacle will look like. This report covers some basic stats to show how your website is performing. We’ve highlighted some key points to focus on when reviewing your report.

  • Total Visits is the total number of visits within the date range.
    • A visit is the period of time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc. All usage data (Screen Views, Events, E-commerce, etc.) is associated with a session.
  • Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed.
    • Repeated views of a single page are counted.
  • Pages/Session is the average number of pages viewed during a session.
    • Repeated views of a single page are counted.
  • Traffic Type
    • Direct – found by using URL
    • Organic – found by using a search engine
    • Referral – found by another site w/ URL link

This basic report also provides information such as average time spent overall and per page, keywords, referral sources and more.

There is an endless wealth of information inside Google Analytics. Information you may want to periodically know is what devices are being used to view your site. Are more people searching on a mobile device or on their desktop? The Demographics of your website users also reflect how well your marketing is performing. Are your visitor’s male or female and what is their average age, what time of day do they look at your site, and where they are from? Does that data match who your ideal customer is?

If you are interested in diving deeper into your Google Analytics, contact your Account Manager today. They can create a custom report to get you the information you are seeking. If you are looking for assistance with a website project or with Google Analytics contact Pinnacle Marketing Group today.