Shop Local – Help Your Community

Shop local and help your community - blog header

The year 2020 has us all feeling discombobulated. Everything that we knew is changing and so is the way we are shopping for the holiday season. Although it might seem easier to shop at the online big box stores, have you taken a moment to understand the benefits of shopping locally? Many of the local businesses have online stores for ease of shopping and many offer curbside pickups.

Shopping local will help grow your community’s economy. When you shop local, a large portion of the cost of your purchase is recirculated back into the local economy. Supporting small businesses in turn supports your community. It also boosts job growth. Local businesses are the largest employers nationally. When you shop local, you create job security for those currently working.

Get more personalized services and products. Great customer services can be hard to find at big chain stores, especially during the holiday season due to employees being stretched too thin. A big perk in shopping local is the personalized customer service and the unique, hand-crafted items you find. They are passionate about making sure you get the best service possible, and many times can personalize a product just to your liking, making that gift even more special to the one who receives it.

There are hidden gems all over your hometown. Anything from boutiques and gift shops, to local pharmacies or hardware retailers. They need your support, more now than ever. When searching for that perfect gift this holiday season, make sure you first research what’s in your own back yard. With great personalized gifts and wonderful customer service, small businesses are grateful for your patronage. Give back and help a local business today.