Social Media Etiquette

When it comes to social media, you will see a variety of ways people and businesses handle their page, customers, how they friend others, and promoting. While it’s important to do all these things, it’s just as important you do it with the proper etiquette or politeness. It’s easy to get swept up in everything the social media platforms have flying around, but keeping it simple, courteous and clean keeps the unnecessary out. Here’s a few ‘rules’ on how to handle your social media pages:

  1. Your avatar should be a picture of you if it’s a personal page, or a picture of your logo if it’s a business page. You have a logo for a reason, what better place than to show it off and get people to start recognizing your business brand.
  2. This one can be more than overwhelming. For a personal page you should only friend those you know well. It may seem hard to turn down a friend request, but if you don’t know them, it’s not the best idea. Remember, this is your personal page and once you friend someone, all your posts, photos and on-goings is made public to them. For a business page, you should friend your customers and other businesses like yours. It helps with cross promoting and shows solidarity within the business arena.
  3. On your personal page you’ll want to promote your business. However, don’t only promote. If people like your business they’ll see it on that page as well and you don’t want to turn anyone off by over-promoting. It’s OK to post about a special or something new, but keep most of your business promoting on your business page.

These simple ‘rules’ apply to all social media platforms. Have fun with your social media. Don’t be afraid to be engaging on your businesses page and don’t be nervous to be stricter on your personal pages. In the land of social media, it’s one of the easiest ways to promote and get people interested in what you have to say and show off