Staying Positive with Feedback

In today’s world, customer feedback is gold. Whether you are getting online reviews through Facebook or Google, Yelp or some other review service, all reviews, good and bad, can be used to help your business. But how can a bad review help? Simply put, it can help you change the mind of someone who has had a bad experience by responding in a positive way.

Always respond to your reviews, good or the otherwise. When you respond to a customer review you are showing the world that you take it and your customer very seriously. Always thank a customer for their feedback and for sharing their thoughts with you. Always make sure you’re sincere about their concerns. Respond to what they complained about and let them know a change will be made. If a change can’t be made, let them know that too.

One of the most important things to remember is to always, no matter what, take the high road. You might get complaints online that are harsh, but you can’t let that negativity affect how you formulate your response. Be tactful and respond how you would to a customer in your store. With understanding. You might not be able to do everything a customer wants, but you can listen to them. Even if you don’t like what a customer has to say, it can still be useful. You may come up with a new business strategy or idea off a complaint.

The most important thing to let a customer know is if or when you’ve made a change based on the feedback you have received. This shows you are open to new ideas and are willing to make changes to help improve your customers experiences with your business.

So, whether it’s a positive comment left on Google or a negative complaint left on Facebook, always take the time and effort to listen and respond. Stay positive no matter how scathing a remark can be and others will see that you truly do care.