Stopping Email Spam

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Spam email through your website is an epidemic in today’s digital world. We get so much unsolicited emails it may seem like it’s impossible to counter attack. Most days we get more spam email than legit ones. But there are ways to help clear out those unwanted emails and reclaim your inbox for the purposes it was meant for – customers contacting you.

According to Lunarpages, the reasons for so much spam could be caused by a few different aspects.

  1. Dictionary Harvest Attack: Spammers are sending mail to general mailbox names such as This can be nullified by using a more specific name like
  2. Email Harvesting: This is the preferred method for identifying valid responsive email addresses. Spammers will harvest email addresses by stealing them from websites using ‘spambots’ to automatically crawl web pages looking for forms, comments, and email addresses and add them to their mailing lists. Lunarpages goes on to say that spam lists of active emails are then traded in bulk to make the email address available to more spammers over time, resulting in thousands of spam messages.

So how can you stop these unwanted spam emails? Here are a few tricks you can use to help limit those pesky emails.

  1. Use Plain Text
  2. Disguise Your Email Address by Adding Javascript Code
  3. Post Your Email Address as An Image
  4. Add A Contact Form

Although this won’t get rid of all the spam, it will limit the amount you receive. Drastically. If you are experiencing spam email, read the full article at Lunarpages for more information and ideas on how to block spammers.