Taking Care of Your Website

Taking care of your website blog header

You’ve had a website for a few years now and you’ve noticed there’s been less traffic. How do you boost traffic up to what it once was, or more importantly, better than it was in the beginning? Performing a yearly website ‘audit’ is the most beneficial initiative you can take. So, what does it mean to perform a website audit?

A website audit is simple. Is your content fresh? Now is the time to freshen up that content. Add services or remove those you no longer offer. Give it the personal touch needed to intrigue your potential customers. Use of your brand is very important as this is how people will begin to recognize you and your business. Re-word and add keywords to your content. Is your website content clean and informative?

Make sure your call to action triggers, social media buttons, and links are all operational, visible, and up-to-date. Fix any broken or outdated links you may have on your website and if you don’t have social media buttons, now is the time to get them. That means creating and updating any social media platforms you choose to be part of and include your website address on them for ease of use.

Do you have images? When was the last time they were updated or changed out? Take the time to take new photos of your office, the outside of your building, services being done – anything that relates you to the business and your customers. Images are very important as is video. If you don’t have a video, you may want to consider having one created.

Make sure to test your website! Test your website on all types of devices to make sure the user experience is friendly and easy to use. A site might look good on your desktop computer but is it manageable and easy to use on a mobile phone or tablet?

Last but certainly not least, make sure to change your copyright date in your website footer. It may seem like a simple thing, and it is, but it can also be easy to overlook. Updating this shows you are interactive with your website and are taking care to make sure everything is current and in working order.