Technology is Changing, So Should Your Ads

Technology is changing, so should your ads blog header

The current trends in technology reflect the need to have everything right now. Convenience and instant gratification are in high demand. Why spend time shopping in the supermarket when I can have my groceries delivered? Why go to a furniture store when I can order a fully customized couch online? The relationship between the business and customer has shifted as the consumer mentality has changed. Rather than wasting time searching for a deal, the consumer expects you to come to them with an offer in hand. Convenient and quick, this is one reason social media targeted ads are outperforming most traditional forms of advertising.

According to Hootsuite, in the United States, 68% of people are considered “active Facebook users”, with another 66% of that audience being funneled into the category of “daily active user” logging on at least once a day. So, what do these numbers mean? It means that as an advertiser you have the guaranteed ability to reach up to 45% of the United States population daily. With a portion of population swapping out more traditional forms of entertainment such as cable television and radio for ad free subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, the ability for an advertiser to reach the consumer on these traditional platforms has dwindled. (Find full article HERE)

This change in culture has presented a massive opportunity

Whether your monthly advertising budget is $100 or $100,000, or if you’re a national chain or a local shop, social media targeted advertising has created a way for you to not only reach a larger audience but reach a specific audience most likely to buy. With the ability to target ads both geographically and demographically, the advertiser has the power to increase the value of a click while offering the convenience the consumer demands. Why spend money touting a couch to an entire city when you can target someone couch shopping online within 5 miles of your shop? Throw in 15% off online purchase or free delivery and you’ve not only maximized convenience for the customer, you’ve made a sale while saving time and money.

With advertising capabilities on nearly every form of social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there is no longer a market that can go untapped. In a time where consumers demand convenience, guarantee that you’re in the right place at the right time and look into social media targeted ads. Be there before the consumer starts looking. If you are looking to try social media targeted ads, but are unsure how to start, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group today for all your marketing and advertising needs.