The Art of Storytelling

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When you are starting up a business or deciding to re-brand, the best thing you can do is tell your story. Everyone likes to hear a good story, and people want to know how, when, and where you began. The idea of business story telling can not only help you grow as a business in the eyes of your consumers but can help establish your brand and the trust customers so desperately want to give you.

The art of storytelling your business doesn’t need to be anything drastic. It just needs to be honest and straightforward. How did you get your start? Where did the idea come from and why now? Place that storyline as part of your branding and you will be surprised at how well consumers react to the outcome.

Some things to consider when starting your business story:

  1. Why is this business important to you?
  2. Why should it be important to your customers?
  3. What is your business goal?
  4. How do you want your customers to feel about your business?

Creating a story behind your business offers a stable-like feeling to those around you. When you have a clear platform, you legitimize yourself, your business, and your mission. It helps with branding, creates material for your social media platforms, and gives consumers and other businesses a good understanding of what you are out to accomplish. If people know what you’re about, the more likely they will venture in to see it for themselves whether it’s coming in to your brick and mortar shop or following you on social media.

Like I said before, all people like a good story. It shows thoughtfulness, history, and unveils emotion. We are emotional creatures after all and using the story as part of your branding is a key step into earning respect, business and loyalty.