The Foundation to Your Small Business

You’re ready to start up your small business. You have a plan, goals, and a concept of how to run things. However, there is some valuable advice from successful business owners you should hear before taking the big plunge:

  1. Hire a marketing company to help you with a strategic plan. With so much on your plate as is, hiring a marketing company to do some of the work for you is an investment into your business.
  2. Don’t be afraid to network with other businesses. Getting together with other local small businesses allows each of you to network, discuss issues and solutions, and get your name out there among your peers. It’s not all about competition.
  3. Treat your customers right. It’s all about reputation and relationships. Listen to your customers, do what you say you’re going to do, and build on that trust.
  4. Work with your staff. Collaborate with them, listen to their needs, have them be involved in the operation. If you have a passionate staff who loves their job, your employee turnaround will be minimal. Treat them like family. If they’re not part of the team, it’s not going to work. Besides, customers like to see the same people each time they’re in. It builds an even stronger relationship between your business and the public.
  5. Build your business around your life, not your life around your business.
  6. Customer service. We cannot stress that enough. Give the very best in customer service. Train your staff to be friendly, reliable, polite, and above all else, helpful.

Starting and growing a business is about taking risks while maintaining a solid foundation of reputation. Set up core values and goals to strive for. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, in fact get them out of the way as soon as possible so your business can find its footing and maintain a strong presence in the public eye.