The Ins and Outs of Social Media for Your Business

The ins and outs of social media for your business blog description

As people, we are very curious. We want to know what businesses are like on the inside. Use your social media platforms to explain to your audience who your company is, what it represents, and what you have to offer. Show off your company when you have events with your team or when they are working. Give shoutouts of your employees and let them explain what they do.

Interactive: Make your content interactive. Go live, post videos, and allow people to ask questions about the business and the products or services that your company provides. Giveaways are huge for expanding a posts reach. They have a large reach because many people share these posts and enjoy the chance to win. It also shows a sense of gratitude for your customers because you are giving back to the community. Many giveaways pair well with the promotion of another local company. You can have your giveaway be something simple like a $25 gift card to a local business or even your own business. Generally, when you help promote a local company, they will be gracious and give back or help your company out in the future.

Asking questions or creating polls for your customers to respond to is another great way to get your customers to interact and gain a sense of connection to your company. It’s ok to do fun interactive posts. Don’t feel like all your posts have to be correlated to your product or service. Ask simple questions, like, “What is everyone’s go-to dipping sauce for food off the grill”. Do a fun poll, such as, “What is your preference, Mountain Dew or Mello Yello”.

Informational:   Inform people about useful tips or business tactics.  You can introduce new ideas through videos of your employees explaining how to help a small business grow. As a business, you will want to create and post videos often. Customers and clients interact and retain much more with video content compared to reading a post. 80% of viewers can recall a video ad that they viewed in the last 30 days and 90% of users say that product videos are more helpful in the decision-making process.

Social media posts should have a plethora of different post styles. Make it interesting. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Do you follow other businesses on social media? What posts do you like and what ones are lacking? Give your business its own personality and show it through your social media content. Let the customers get to know your business. Allow them to interact with you through social media and post different types of content to keep viewers informed, engaged, and interacting with your company.