The Marketing Breakdown

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Marketing can be a difficult thing to master for your small business. We all want to find the easiest and cheapest way possible, however that’s not always the best route to take. Oftentimes business owners will fall for bad advice while trying to find the ‘deal’ or cheapest method possible to obtain marketing success. The best thing to do: educate yourself on what marketing is first and foremost.

Marketing is an ongoing process that will need some finessing as your strategy develops. As your business finds its footing, your pricing, distribution channels, and products may change. When they change, so does your marketing plans. Keep in mind, promotions and marketing are two very different things. Confusing the two can be a costly mistake.

Here is an easy breakdown of the steps to begin your marketing success according to magIMPACT:

  1. Offer a valuable product or service
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Make your products or services easily accessible
  4. Find cost-effective communication channels
  5. Communicate well and frequently
  6. Deliver your products and services that you have promised. Never promise what you can’t deliver.
  7. Repeat and expand the process

Marketing is a full-time job. Let us help you grow and let you do what you do best – contact a Pinnacle Marketing Group member today!