The Power of Customer Reviews

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One of the fastest and most productive ways for people to communicate to each other about a business is through word of mouth and the fastest form of that is business reviews. Most people have heard of Yelp or Google reviews and most people have read a business review at some point. After all, when someone leaves a stunning review about a business we tend to listen and to make judgement calls based on another’s experience.

With the use of social media, business reviews have become a main staple for consumer use. Say you’re in a scenario where you need a tow truck. In today’s age, more than likely there will be a customer review about one of your local towing and recovery services. After reading about a business with a review and knowing very little about another service, most people are going to try out the service with the positive review.

Now it’s your turn. What should you consider when writing a business review? Here are three steps to writing the perfect review for your favorite businesses.

  1. How was the service? Was it quick and friendly? Did they go out of their way to better serve you? Did they help smooth over a situation? Letting others out there in cyber-land know what kind of service to expect is key. People want to know they will be taken care of.
  2. How was the atmosphere of the business? Was it clean and tidy, welcoming, inviting? This tells others that they will feel welcomed whether it’s a restaurant, attorney’s office, or auto body shop.
  3. Overall experience. Wrap it up by saying how the overall visit was like – fast, friendly, efficient, great customer service – whatever your personal experience was like with that business.

These three easy steps will help others decide whether to try out a business you liked and hopefully write a review themselves, strengthening that business even further. If you’re a business, don’t be afraid to ask your loyal and new customers to leave a review on your favorite review sites. Remember, word of mouth has always been a great resource, so get out there and start rating businesses and writing reviews about your favorite businesses.