The Review Impact

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One of the most important ways a business can learn how their customers feel about them is through the use of reviews. The idea of the review may seem daunting, however the feedback a business gets can be priceless. If a review is positive, thank the reviewer for their kind words and make the review public on your social media feed and/or website.

On the adverse and sometimes scary side of reviews, is the dreaded bad or false review. Don’t ignore these types of reviews. Instead meet it head on by addressing it briefly, staying positive while acknowledging the person who posted the negative comment. Many times, by addressing the situation directly and in a friendly and positive manner, any conflict can be resolved. It will show the reviewer you heard what they said and cared enough to comment back.

Listening to customer comments in general can help a business learn more about themselves. It can help a business recognize a product or services customers like or it can help a company to improve aspects of their business they may not have originally known needed adjusting. Don’t shy away from your business reviews. Both the positive and the negative review will offer valuable insight into how your customers do business with you.