The Wonders of Instagram

The wonders of Instagram blog header

Social media platforms are all communities and Instagram is one of the faster growing ones. Businesses today should really consider being on Instagram as it can propel your following onto another level all together. The wonders of Instagram are a really cool platform to use. A business can take photos or videos of their services, products, on-going events and even sales. You can strengthen your reputation by posting your own photos and re-posting those of your followers and other businesses when they relate to what you do.

Maintaining your business brand is always the most important thing you can do for your business and having that brand visible on Instagram will help you in your other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Your followers will follow you across many of your platforms and Instagram is a fun way to keep them up-to-date on all things ‘you’.

So how do you get the followers you want using Instagram? Like mentioned above, posting and re-posting other followers’ material is a great way to start. By re-posting another business post, they may mention your shout out on their page which will in turn reach more people and may potentially bring in more customers. You want to feel like a friend and not just a cold business looking for profit.

Watch out for what’s called Blanket posting. Blanket posting is when you post the same exact thing through out all your platforms. The risk of doing this is that nothing feels new or different and you may lose a following on one or more of your platforms. It is ok to blanket post when you’re having a special event or sale, but outside of that you want to have a different voice for each of your platforms. Twitter is short and sweet, Facebook can lengthen your message, and Instagram is the visual part of your message.

Above all, be creative with Instagram. The wonders of Instagram are endless. Take shots of your business so people can see inside your business world and see what might be new and exciting. When you add a service or product, show your Instagram community. Most importantly, don’t be shy with your postings. A wonderful mix of unique posts and re-posting will have your Instagram page looking and feeling like a star!