This Seasons Techy Gifts

It’s the season of giving! Techy gadgets make for some of the best gifts. New techy trinkets are always eye-catching and intriguing. The coolest part of our current technology is seeing how far we have come in just a short period of time. If you really think about it, just over a decade ago nobody had an iPhone, headphones were not Bluetooth compatible, and TVs were big, bulky, and half the quality they are now.  This year has been full of new and interesting tech gadgets entering the market.

Zoom for Home | DTEN ME: It is a personal collaboration device, perfect for the home or office. It is an all in one communication solution with video meetings, phone calls, interactive whiteboarding, annotation, and it can be used as a second monitor. With the DTEN ME, there is no need for a webcam, microphone, speakers, extra monitor, whiteboard, and all those messy cables.

CATCH:3 Charging Pad: Charging pads are becoming a thing of the now. This charging pad has a sleek and stylish design that makes for a great addition to any nightstand. It has room to charge your phone with a multi-coil and single device wireless technology. The pad also has a tray that allows you to thoughtfully organize your other accessories.

Oral B pro 2000 Toothbrush: This may be the most modern toothbrush on the market with all the technology packed inside it. The toothbrush comes in two modes. One is a daily cleaning mode and the other being a gum care mode. It can also be paired with the Oral B app that connects to your toothbrush and starts a timer. It also has a pressure sensor that lets you know if you are brushing too hard.

Google Nest Hub Max: This product is a smart display with a built-in camera. It has all the smart home controls, music, camera, powerful speakers, and microphone. The Nest Hub Max can actually see who is in front of the display and present personalized information to them, such as calendar appointments, messages, and package deliveries.

Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light: We all know someone that has a tough time getting up in the mornings. The SmartSleep may be just what they need. The light slowly grows brighter and brighter to wake you up instead of blasting someone out of their deep sleep with a jarring noise. The clock also uses a radio and natural alarm sounds.

Fitbit Inspire 2: With the new year right around the corner, people are thinking of their new year’s resolutions. Smartwatches tend to be a bit of an overkill and pricey. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great gift choice. It is waterproof, sleek, and tracks workouts, steps, heart rate, sleep, and much more. It can even relay notifications from your phone and has a battery rated for 10 days.

Tile Sticker: Who has a friend that can never remember where their keys are. The Tile Sticker may be the perfect gift for them. They are tiny, waterproof, and have a 150ft Bluetooth range to prevent you from losing anything. You can stick it on anything from a remote to your wallet.

Share the gift of giving this holiday season 😊.