Tips for Improving Google Rankings

It can be difficult to know exactly what you should do in the eyes of Google in order to have a successful website. Google is a complex search engine with a constantly changing algorithm to rank websites. First and foremost, Google wants to know exactly who you are and what you claim to provide. Google also wants to know that you’re trustworthy and will fulfill your claims. By understanding what Google looks for and educating yourself on practices such as SEO, you can eventually drive your website to the first page and possibly the first listing. Here are six things that can be done to assist in your journey.

Google My Business: If you aren’t showing up in Google results at all, you may need to claim your Google My Business listing. Going through this process verifies that you’re a legitimate business. Once verified, you’ll also show up on Google maps. Learn more about Google My Business here.

Meta Data: Make sure all your website pages have proper tags, descriptions, keywords, and other meta information that follows current search engine guidelines.

Networking: Always link out to quality, reputable sites. It’s also helpful to have sites link back to you. Make sure these are reputable sites, because Google won’t favor you if you have untrustworthy sites linking to you.  

Content: All information used on your website should be unique, current, well written, and without errors. Ensure the content is useful to your visitors and answers any questions they may have.

Diversify Your Marketing: If you aren’t on social media, your business may be forgotten by your clients. Not only that but expanding to social media helps Google trust you and your site more.

Paid Techniques: Don’t overlook using tools such as Google Ads to give you a chance to move ahead of your competition, especially in a competitive industry.

While relatively simple, these tasks can take time and energy. A question to ask is “do I have the time for this?” It may be in your best interest to hire a provider to research and implement these tasks as well as monitor your website as it grows on Google. From building a website to social media management services, Pinnacle Marketing Group will advise you on best practices and how we can help you create a great trustworthy site.