Tips to Keeping Those Invoices Organized

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So, your business is up and running and now you need to start billing your customers. But how to do just that might be more perplexing than you thought. Strategies for having a well-documented and thorough invoice or statement is as easy as a few simple steps.

Here are a few key components to having a successful invoice and record system:

  1. Take away any confusion. Make sure your invoice includes an account #, invoice #, date billed and date payment is due, name, phone #, description of service or item sold, quantity of item(s), and total amount due. Having well laid out invoices allows for easy filing and retrieving if needed.
  2. Make it easy to follow. Lay out the invoice or statement in an easy to understand and straight forward way. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting an invoice that’s difficult to understand!
  3. File right away! When you bill out, you should always have a copy of that bill so you know who owes money and who has paid. Make sure to file these right away so your desk is clutter free and invoices don’t go missing. Keep records neatly stored in a filing area or on a spreadsheet on your computer.

When it comes to paying bills for your business there’s one thing that is key: organization. Time and hassle saving practices is to take the timely weekly to pay each bill due that week. Don’t put it off monthly, or you’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated. Perhaps you have a business that is on the go with little time to devote to bill paying. That’s why if you can, pay ahead. Taking care of bills weekly makes your paperwork is easier, less cluttered, and will save you so much time in the end allowing you to get back to doing what you’re best at.

When it comes to invoices, statements, and bill paying, the more organized you are, the better your records will be and the paperwork will be much more manageable. Utilizing technology can be a big help as well. Finding programs for small businesses to use to help manage all the paperwork is a great example of a way to stay on top of everything. After all, very few people like paperwork so keep it simple and keep it in order!

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