Top 5 Design Tips for Website UI/UX

Your customers should enjoy the experience of visiting your website as well as being able to access all the necessary information and functions that digital advertising provides. We’ve put together a list of the top five features we love to help inspire you to build a winning website!

Content, Content, Content!

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Businesses that advertise their services, unique features, pricing, and amenities will get more business than ones that don’t. Original photos can really sell those features, and charts are an excellent way to organize lots of data (such as product pricing).


No one likes it when the grocery store stocks their favorite snacks in a hard to find spot, and websites are no different in that regard. Customers need to have easy access to info on your website. This includes site navigation with clear, easy to use menus and a consistent look across every page. Keep it simple, and you’ll keep your users happy, even with very large and complex sites!


It would be great if everyone had 20/20 vision! Regardless of age and ability, the text should be easy to read, and colors should have enough contrast for users to easily understand the information on the screen.


Put your best foot forward! The most important info you want to share should be the easiest to find. If you’re a contractor that offers free estimates, 24/7 service, or service a wide area, be sure to let your customers know right away so your business has a leg up over the competition.

Engaging with Video

Ever spend an hour watching TV and wonder where the time went? That’s why videos and animations are so popular on websites: they’re interesting and deliver information quickly and without effort on our part. Reading text can feel like a chore, while the same info in a fun graphic or video feels like time well spent. Keep your customers interested in lively, interactive content!

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