Top 5 Questions to Assess Your Brand

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For some organizations, establishing a brand can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. There’s an idea or a goal in place, but no plan of action when it comes to establishing or growing a brand position. If you’re finding yourself stuck when it comes to assess your brand, maybe try asking yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Who are we?

Before you can assess your brand, you must establish exactly who you are. A seemingly simple question, for some this might be the most difficult and important question to answer. Try defining the personality of your product or business in general.

  1. Who is our customer?

Once you’ve established who you are, the next step is to answer who you are serving. Does your brand target a large group or a small niche? Are your customers engaging or are they hands off? Once you’ve targeted who, exactly, your customer is, then you can start creating connections between the customer and how your brand serves them.

  1. What is our goal?

Ultimately, in creating or assessing a brand, there is always a goal in mind. Whether it is to create trust or build a strong reputation, branding can help get you there. The key here is identifying the goal in mind and adjusting your branding strategy if need be.

  1. Where do we stand in competition?

In a market where competition is fierce, creative branding can be the factor that sets you apart from your competitors. The goal here is to capture your role in this market and use the position to your advantage. Not every business uses branding the same, but this does not make efforts any more or less effective.

  1. How can we continue to grow?

Finally, you must understand branding is not always a simple action or campaign. Branding is a continuous process of maintaining with the occasional refresh or clean up. All at check points, you must look at your brand and ask yourself how this brand can help you keep growing?

A solid brand can take years to establish. Along the way you may face bumps or setbacks in the branding process. This is where taking a moment to ask these 5 questions and re-assess your brand can help you to keep on track and continue to grow your position.