Top Techy Gifts of 2019

Tis the season for shopping! It can be difficult to find the right gift, so how do you find the perfect gift for that special someone? Here we’ve gathered a few techy ideas for you to check off your shopping list:

  • Muama Enence. The name may sound strange, but this little device can help you break that language barrier when you travel. It helps you speak 43 different languages at the touch of a button!
  • The PhotoStick. Back up all your images and videos from your computer onto this little handy device. Not only does it store your memories, but it protects them too.
  • Keysmart. It’s the key chain of the future! If you are like most people, you more than likely have too many keys, creating a mess for your key chain and an uncomfortable bulge in your pocket. Now you can organize all your keys with this sleek device.
  • QuietBuds. Tired of all the noise in the background? Try out QuietBuds. These tiny little gadgets are the new noise canceling devices you’ll want to have! They shut out the distracting noise and protect your ears from loud job sites.
  • Dodow. It’s the best night sleep you’ll ever have. By projecting a soft blue light onto your ceiling, you breathe along with the light as it expands and retracts, which helps you calm your mind and can slow your heart rate.
  • TikiTunes. You’ll be stylin with these cool Tiki Torch speakers! It’s a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker that sounds amazing and gives off a soothing light. Add to the mood in any room or outdoor area with these portable and water-tight speakers.

There are many new and exciting gadgets out there today, and you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. Weather it’s something for yourself or a loved one, these techy gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. So happy shopping and most importantly, have fun!

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