Top to Bottom: From Pens to Trucks

Top to bottom: from pens to trucks blog header

Have you ever needed to write something down and scramble through your junk drawer until you found that free pen from your bank? Do you remember your last long road trip where you used the logo on a semi-truck to get your next letter in the alphabet game? Whether or not you realize it, that pen in your back drawer and that truck on your road trip were both branding tactics for those businesses to make an impression from top to bottom.

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded by images. We may not consciously remember them all, but somewhere down deep in our subconscious we store this information. When your friend asks you what bank you recommend, your mind goes to the pen in the back of your drawer. Branding is establishing that place in the back of your client’s mind, so your name pops up first.

Whether customers are looking for a pen or traveling cross country, being familiar with your logo can help create a sense of familiarity that lands you a new client. Therefore, after you’ve established your brand, it’s important to push it out through your marketing efforts from top to bottom. Consistency across all of your notepads, signs, cars, magnets, and advertisements will help associate your brand in the customer’s mind and get you one step closer to the sale.