Trends of 2018

Technology trends of 2018

Technology trends are always interesting to come by as well as interesting to learn about. But what are some of the top trends we’ll be seeing in 2018? Daniel Newman of Forbes breaks down the top 18 trends that will transcend our current technology and shake things up a bit. From virtual reality to 3D printers, he analyzes the most current trends. Here are just a few of those exciting new trends:

  1. Convertible Laptops. Laptops with the ease of interacting like a tablet as well as a computer are expecting to be on the rise for people and businesses on the go.
  2. Augmented Reality. Although virtual reality is still growing, AR is predicted to explode providing experiences that immerse users while keeping them connected – which Daniel believes will be available on mobile devices.
  3. Health Sensors. The value of sensors to help people monitor and improve their health and well-being is going to be huge this year.
  4. Facial Recognition. We’ve already seen some of this technology with some mobile devices, but be prepared to see more of facial recognition to improve security on several devices.
  5. Drones. For a small gadget, these little things can pack in a fair amount of functionality.

By knowing what’s around the corner, you can keep your business running up-to-date and smoothly as these new and exciting trends continue to take on momentum. As a small or medium business, it’s always smart to know what’s around the corner and what might help you with your business plan.