Video Tips for Small Businesses


When making a video, there is so much to consider – can I use photos with a voice over? Is there a difference between using your phone vs. a camera? How do you know what quality to use? Have no fear, we’re here to answer some of these hard questions!

What Equipment Do I Need? If you’re comfortable using a camera to take a video then by all means, do so. Cameras can be steadier, especially if your video is an interview. Smart phones now have amazing video features so if you feel better using your phone to take a video just be sure you are close enough for sound to travel without much echo. The closer the better in this case.

How About Lighting? The more natural light you can use, the better your photos and videos will be. If you are taking photos for a voice over video, make sure to take the photos horizontal and not vertically as this allows for easier editing. Also, don’t try to over zoom, leave some space around your main focal point so that there are more options available during the editing process.

Is There A Certain File Size I Should Use? Always use the best quality available on your camera or smart phone. If the video is for social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) than you should use 1280 x 720 pixels per inch. If you plan to use it for T.V. commercials, you’ll need it to be 1920 x 1080 pixels per inch, this will accommodate for HD as well.  It’s also best if your files can be in an .EPS or .PDF format, which are the easiest to work with. Sending files with a program like Drop Box or Google Drive allows your editor access to the photos and videos without compromising the files which can happen when emailing. Most importantly, don’t chop up or edit the files. Give the editor your raw files and they can make the necessary adjustments.

Using videos for promotion has so many benefits. While creating a video may sound complicated, once you get the hang of it, it will become easier, more exciting, and fun to do. Make sure to keep your branding consistent and your points clear and your video will do the rest!