Voice Search – The New Wave of Technology Trends

As search continues to rise, a new way of searching is expanding faster than any other trend in the last year. Voice search. Voice search is the way most teens are getting help with their homework and many adults are ‘texting’. The days when we had to type a message or add in our destination on maps are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now one can use voice to text, verbally instruct navigation, find the next step in a recipe, or even shop. But as a business, how do you guarantee you and your website will be found on voice search?

The answer might be easier than you think. According to Forbes,  there are three key steps to take to ensure you are still being found when and where it matters most.

  1. Target long-tail keywords. Use long tailed keywords that are relevant to your business and put them in your website’s content to attract more natural language search queries.
  2. Direct attention to mobile. Voice searches are more likely to occur on mobile devices, so optimizing your company’s website is extremely important. You also need to remove obtrusive interstitials, improve page loading speeds, format videos to display in full screen when a user holds it vertically, abandon drop-down navigation menus, and improve the overall mobile user experience.
  3. Target featured snippets. Voice search devices read featured snippets and the source aloud when the snippet is populated. This creates a massive boost for authority and brand recognition since Google is basically declaring one company the expert on that particular subject.

I know it may seem nearly impossible, but truly it isn’t. This will not only get you in with the trends, but the overhaul will boost your SEO standing as well. You don’t want to be left in the dust when it comes to voice search. Review your keywords, analyze user search queries, and always, always update your content.

Not sure where to begin? Pinnacle Marketing Group can help you find your way.