Ways to Help Your Favorite Small Business

Ways to help your favorite small business blog description with illustration of downtown

Supporting local businesses is critical as we all try to navigate a new way of doing business in our communities. With the use of social media and websites, the public can be informed of everything a small business is up to during this pandemic. Below are a few ways you, as a dedicated consumer, can help ensure your favorite small business stays open and prosperous.

  1. Buy a gift card and encourage others to do the same. Instead of buying gift cards from the big box stores, buy directly from a small business. Their items are generally more personal, made with quality, and your money stays within the community. This is a perfect time to seek out those unique shops and personal service stores.
  2. Shop local online. As the pandemic continues, more small businesses are turning to e-commerce. Once again, you can shop your community stores and have the products or services you need to be delivered safely to your home.
  3. Tip like you’ve never tipped before. It’s a very difficult time for many of us, but especially for restaurant employees. If you are able, tip your server, even if you’re doing take-out, delivery, or curbside pickup.
  4. Provide a stellar review. Now is the time to really turn to Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews. Leave a glowing review for your favorite small business and help them achieve a wider following by doing so. Reviews let others know that the business is open, how they are doing, and allows for others to make educated decisions on where to purchase products and services.

Follow your favorite small businesses through their social media platforms and stay up to date on their hours, restrictions, services, and more. Shopping local is key to creating a healthy economy. By doing so, you are supporting your community, keeping local money local, and helping a small business remain open and serving the public.

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