Ways to Help Your Favorite Small Business

Ways to help your favorite small business blog description

The coronavirus has created many difficulties for everyone, but small businesses are hurting more than we might want to admit. We want to make sure these businesses are still operational after the quarantine has been lifted and there are things we can do to help make that a reality.

  1. Take to social media. See if your favorite business has gone to an online ordering system. Instead of shopping from big box stores, visit your local business on their websites or social media pages, and order your favorite items directly from the business.
  2. If COVID-19 has prevented a company from fulfilling a service or order, instead of requesting a refund, see if they would be open to doing an in-store credit that can be used once the business has re-opened.
  3. If you are able, order more take-out/delivery from your local restaurants. Many, if not most, restaurants have swiftly changed over to curbside pick-up and delivery of their menu. If you and your family can afford it, show support to these restaurants by ordering out for pick-up.
  4. Buy gift cards from your favorite shops. You will be able to use the gift cards at a later time, but it helps finance the business now.
  5. Encourage your friends and families to share with others about your local businesses throughout social media. Help spread by word-of-mouth that a business is online or delivering. This can help inspire others to shop at their favorite locations as well.

Whether you are an employee of a small business or a patron of one or more, there are many different actions you can take to help these businesses come out on the other side of this pandemic. Most importantly, don’t forget about them. You can still patronize your favorite businesses by checking in on them to see where they are at during this time. Perhaps they didn’t start online shopping right away but offer it now. Checking in allows these businesses to know they are still being thought about and buying from them now helps keep their doors open later.