Ways to “Wow” Your Customers

It might seem insignificant but doing particular little things for your customers can really make a meaningful impact. Customers appreciate the extra lengths a business is willing to go, not only to resolve issues, but to also treat them exceptionally well. Anything from having coffee available, writing a thank you card, or calling to follow up with a client can make even the smallest business more significant. Yes, it’s about customer service and setting yourself apart from your competitors. The more personal a relationship you can build with your customers, the more they come to rely on you to fulfill their needs. Train your employees to go the extra mile to help a customer in need; it doesn’t take much to be friendly and helpful to everyone walking through your door.

Listen to your customers and positively respond to complaints. Often times, even if you are unable to fulfill the need of a customer, just by listening and offering another possible solution you can resolve any conflict. Don’t be afraid of dealing with any complaints; they are a learning opportunity. If you’re not sure how to resolve complaints, keep things simple and think to yourself of how you would like to be treated in that scenario and odds are that will be the way to handle any issues.

Another way to “wow” your customers is to put on a customer appreciation event. Have fun with this event and create a theme. An example of this could be to create a tale gating theme where you have a few tents set up with a variety of food and drink options. You are then able to create multiple experiences within one event and cater to different customer needs. It might even give your business “bonus points” that you took the time to create different options for different tastes and interests. Be sure to brand each station with your logo and subtle call outs of your business services. It would surprise you how many people participate in your event that haven’t been a customer of yours or knew the services you provided. It can also act as a conversation starter which will help people feel engaged with your business.

Lastly, stay in touch. This is where writing a thank you note or calling to check in on how the product is working for the customer is key. Find out if your customer has any concerns or questions. Once again, this too can be a learning opportunity. Hand in hand with staying in touch is rewarding loyal customers. Having an incentive like a rewards card allow your customers to earn a discount the more times they use your business or products. Fostering a healthy relationship with your customers might not seem easy, but it is necessary to make sure you are running at the top of your game and ahead of your competitors.

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