Websites: Flash or Substance?

Websites: flash or substance blog header with a graphic of orange and blue electricity streaks

Need a website? Are you tempted to try one of those template-based website builders such as WordPress or Wix? Templates may be the perfect solution for your business, or a waste of your time. Read on to discover the pros and cons of each.

The Template

Flashy, and promises effortless updates. But does it work?

  • Ease of use varies by platform
  • Templates can be hit-or-miss, style wise
  • Support is usually limited
  • You are responsible for maintenance, which can take time
  • Basic features often come with a premium price tag

Conclusion: Template based websites vary in ease of use, style, and pricing. We recommend trying them out to see if the compromises are worthwhile to your business.

The Custom Website

Has substance and offers a hassle-free experience. It really works.

  • Personalized customer support with a real, live human being
  • Made-to-order design
  • Optimized site and regular reports on site performance
  • Updates taken care of regularly by a dedicated staff
  • True cost up front, without hidden charges

Conclusion: We offer custom sites for a reason: we’re proud to offer the best product possible. While templates are OK, they don’t work for everyone and can limit your business potential.