What is Google Screened, and should I use it?

The Google Screened badge is another way you can show potential clients that your business provides the highest quality services and care. Any business that completes the background checks and/or the verification process will have a green check mark in their My Google Business listing and will have the ability to run Local Service Ads.   

Why should I become Google Screened?

The internet is full of information—some reliable and some unreliable. Consumers want to know that the professional they are trusting with their finances, law affairs, and even their children are worth their trust. The Screened badge shows consumers that you put in the effort to prove you’re trustworthy, reliable, and will serve your clients well. 

What is the difference between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed?

The biggest difference is that the Google Guaranteed badge is for service providers such as electrical, HVAC, roofing, and photography businesses, just to name a few. The list of eligible businesses continues to grow, whereas Google Screened is for a smaller niche of businesses. Another difference is that Google may reimburse an unsatisfied customer if the Guaranteed business doesn’t deliver the promised results. As of now, the Google Screened badge can be earned by real estate agents and brokers, lawyers, financial planners, and childcare and preschool service providers.

Will it benefit your business?

If your business is eligible to obtain a Google Screened badge, it will benefit your digital presence without a doubt. Only businesses that are either Google Screened or Google Guaranteed can run Local Services Ads. Plus, this badge gives consumers assurance that they are choosing the best.

How do I receive the badge?

The process to become Google Screened varies on your business, but most businesses will need to perform a background check, license check, or both. If the business or its employees fail their background checks, they won’t be eligible for the program. If you would like guidance through this process, Pinnacle Marketing Group offers Google Ads management including requesting to become Google Screened.