What you don’t know about Pinterest and Instagram

What you don't know about Pinterest and Instagram blog header

The social media world is vastly growing and because of it we have many opportunities as a small business to use these great platforms to our advantage. There are many platforms that your business can use to showcase services and products. Pinterest and Instagram are two platforms that may not come to mind right away, but they are growing rapidly and becoming more and more common, especially for business.

Pinterest is a great platform to benefit your business and to grow your social media appearance. This platform tends to carry a few misconceptions when referring to business. They are as follows:

  • Pinterest is only for women: This is not true. Men have steadily increased on Pinterest. Can you believe that 33% of Pinterest users are men! You may catch your friend pinning an interesting article to his favorite board.
  • Pinterest will not work for the business I am in: Fun Fact: Bill Gassett is the #1 real estate agent in all of New England and a proficient social media marketer. He has grown a following of thousands on twitter, Google Plus and other social media channels but said that Pinterest was his top social media referrer.
  • I don’t have time for Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the easiest social media channels to participate in. You can spend only a few minutes each day and have confidence that your account will still flourish.

Now Instagram is another animal that you can feel confident advertising your brand on, no matter who you are. Here a few myths about Instagram debunked:

  • No advertising possibilities: This is very wrong. If you have ever coasted Instagram, you may have seen bigger companies such as Coca-Cola who have sponsored ads. Just because your business is smaller than Coca-Cola does not mean you cannot do this too!
  • Not measurable results: Instagram may not have its own analytics tool, however they have partner tools that will help you measure your marketing efforts and they are free!
  • Only visual brands allowed: This is false. Instagram may have product images from other business but this is not the only thing you can post. Post on your company culture. Let your audience in on what you feel and do every day. Show them why you love it.

Pinterest and Instagram are growing platforms that every small business should take advantage of. Test the waters and try it today!