Why multi-tasking isn’t doing you any good…

One common strength we tend to tell our employers we possess is multi-tasking. If we truly look at this skill in depth, is it a good thing to say we have? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Did you know….2% of people can EFFECTIVELY multi-task? As for the other 98% of people, they attempt to multi-task and it is actually doing more harm than good. Concentrating on one task will help you get that one task done faster and more efficiently then if you were trying to do something else as well.

There are many distractions that come up at work that we must try to avoid to get the important things done. Social media, smart phones, internet, world news are just a few things that we have at our fingertips that tend to distract us from the all-important to do list. You might feel like your accomplishing more throughout the day but try going back and reevaluating what you have done, and if you did it right the first time. Trying to focus on more than one task drops productivity by 40%.

Not only at work but in the car, at home and school. Multi-tasking can be challenging. Texting and driving, checking email while talking to a family member, studying and checking our social media sites are all things I am sure we have done once or twice. Think back to those moments. Did you see the driver on the side of the road or do you remember what your family member said to you? If the answer to either of these questions are no, you have become one of the 98% of people that cannot multi-task properly. Be mindful this information is not a bad thing. It will allow us to adapt our lives and change for the better in all aspects.