Why Posting on Social Media Once a Week Isn’t Enough

Why posting once a week is not enough blog header

When running a small business you probably end up with ever-changing schedules that push small tasks like social media off to another day. Before you know it, the week is over and you have missed opportunities for posting. This may or may not be a surprise, but posting once a week is not good enough. The goal to become a great, well known business on social media cannot be reached if you only post once a week. Maximum engagement and recognition takes time and energy along with practice to become comfortable with the different platforms.

Here is a quick-start guide to the most popular social media platforms with our recommendations on posting frequency:

Twitter: You should plan for three to five tweets per day. This platform also requires you to do a few retweets a day, so stay engaged with your followers and retweet what they are sharing.

Facebook: The goal for this platform is five to ten posts per week. With Facebook, you will need to do a little engagement like going through your news feed and liking things your followers have posted.

Pinterest: At a minimum, you need to aim for five pins per day. If you have more content, you can post up to 30 times per day. You can also engage with your followers by liking or repining their pins throughout the day.

Instagram: This may be shocking to you, however Instagram for business is a great idea! Keep up with this platform and post once per day. On this specific platform, over posting can get to be too much for your followers.

LinkedIn: With 20 posts per month, LinkedIn has found that you can reach 60% of your target audience. This platform is the number one referral source to your websites home page. If you have fallen out of your chair, get back up because it’s the truth! Now if you have the time and the content to post three to four times per day, you will be reaching a height of 80 posts per month. Do what is best for you schedule and content load.

Posting once a week or less will hurt your chances of reaching top of mind with your followers. Stay consistent and the hard work will pay off when your goals are met at the end of the year. Keep posting!