Why the Yellow Pages are still effective

In the present age of digital advertising, the argument that the Yellow Pages are no longer relevant comes up often. While digital advertising is creeping up in some respects, the Yellow Pages are still the number one source for any life changing or out of the ordinary event in a person’s life. These events create major opportunities for businesses who have the experience we do not when it comes to roofing, plumbing, finding a dentist or another specialist.

According to CRM Associates the Yellow Pages are the most efficient and effective medium for reaching people who are ready to buy. Yellow Page ads help shoppers make purchase decisions because the majority (58%) of Yellow Page users are actively shopping and even those who open a directory with a name in mind get curious and will look at other ads. They are always there at the exact moment someone is ready to buy.

Yellow Page advertising also allows a customer to be fully engaged in the ads they see before them. Not only that, they are always available for viewing whenever information is needed. And since we all will have out of the ordinary or life changing events happen, the Yellow Pages offer a sense of security knowing that information you need will always be just a few steps away.