Why Video Is So Important

According to Andrew Brown of Bluehost Blog, “Content is King” but when it comes to your website, trending even hotter than before is the presence of video. Although it’s still vastly important to have clean and up-to-date content, it’s also as important to have a video to complement that information. This rings especially true for small to medium business owners. Visual marketing is increasing visitor interactions.

Not only is it important as a visual tool, here are 3 more reasons video may be your next big marketing move:

  1. Better Google Ranking. One of Google’s algorithms for search ranking is how long a customer stays on your site. A 30 second video increases that length of stay on your website by enticing both the visual and audible senses of potential customers.
  2. Stand Out from the Competition. Do your competitors have video on their websites? You still have a chance to one-up them with the use of a video.
  3. Product demonstration. This gives you a chance to show how a product works and why your customers ought to purchase from you.

Although there are more reasons to use video on your website and social media platforms, the proof is in the pudding. The more video is used, the higher ranking your website will be which means its visibility will also rank higher to be found by your current and potential customers.

When you hear the word video production as a business owner, do you cringe and think it will be a huge expense?

You’re in luck! In today’s world you don’t need the most expensive camera and chances are you have a fairly current smartphone which gives you high quality camera and video options. Therefore, this allows you to make quality video content that’s affordable to you and your business. Here are some DIY tips for building out your video content with a smartphone.

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