Why You Should Still Use & Advertise In the Yellow Pages

Why you should still use and advertise in the yellow pages blog header

We all know that there’s been a decline in Yellow Page advertising. People are saying they use them less and less because everything is online now. But there’s only a half truth to that statement.  You see, the Yellow Pages are still very important for some surprising ways.

  1. They are reliable. How many times have you searched for a business online to get multiple addresses, phone numbers or business names? Which is the right one? The Yellow Pages is reliable in the fact that the information gathered comes directly form the business.
  2. They are trusted. Since the information comes directly from the business, you are getting the most up-to-date business details. You know they are in business, the services they offer, and products they may provide (depending on what they have listed in their ad).
  3. Not everyone has internet. This may sound shocking, but it’s very true. Many people are in rural enough areas they either don’t have internet or have a very slow connection rate. Advertising in the Yellow Pages allows these families to reach out to the businesses they need when they need them the most.
  4. They are easy. It’s easy to grab the Yellow Pages at a moments notice. When the power goes out, the internet goes down, or you’re out of the service area, the Yellow Pages are right there waiting for you to use. They don’t cut out, give wrong information, have a download wait time or leave you high and dry. They are constant and dependable.

So whether you’re an advertiser or a user, the Yellow Pages still hold power and usefulness. Having a business ad in your local Yellow Pages can still help those in need. My own father, who looks everything up online, still relies on the Yellow Pages when he needs to look up a specific business. And the best part? They come directly to your door step for free. No internet required.