Writing Your Content for Humans

Writing your content for humans blog description

When writing content for your website, blog, or other media outlet, the best thing you can do is make sure you are writing for your intended audience. Humans. This means writing in a voice best suited for your customers.

The keywords you are looking for should be the keywords your customers are searching for and shouldn’t be too obscure but should be tailored to how searching works. For instance, you may not want to just say ‘construction’ if you have a construction website. Instead think of words a client might look for. Maybe ‘residential construction’ or ‘home construction’ would be better suited for what you’re writing about or who you are writing for. Make sure to use more than one keyword as people tend to search for different things.

Make your content interesting. Don’t be afraid to add your services, a bio about your team (have fun with this part and make it personal to what you would want a reader to know about you and your team), Add photos and videos of your team performing your services, or having fun on the job. People want to get a feel about who you are as a business owner and what you have to offer them.

Make sure your content has been proofed. You don’t want missing or misspelled words to turn off a potential customer. Proofing can be as easy as running it by a fresh set of eyes, to submitting it through a program like Grammarly. Your content needs to be as clean as possible. The best part is, if a mistake slides by, you can always make a quick edit on the fly. We’ve said it many times and will continue to say it, content is king. But writing that content to your audience is vital for any of it to work to your benefit. Having too many keywords or phrases can get in the way of the flow of information. Being too dull or generic with your content will make your potential customers lose interest in what you have to say, and a poorly proofed website will lose street-cred and won’t be taken seriously. The lesson here is to have fun, strategically place the right keywords, and make sure everything is squeaky clean.