Yearly Reviews Can Boost Office Morale

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The dreaded yearly review. Actually, it shouldn’t be dreaded at all. A yearly review, if done in a constructive and organized manner, is very informative and can help not only the employee, but the supervisor as well, determine how and where you stand in the business structure.

Now there are specialized programs designed to help a business determine what’s important to them, how to construct a review around that main element, and how to engage your employees to better understand their direction and importance in the process. Programs like Threads help maintain an orderly review system, centering the process around core standards such as community, values, and roles. The program takes an employee’s job description and formulates a series of points. These can then be used alongside those core standards and results in a very thoughtful employee review.

Trust us, it’s not as complicated as it may sound. Reviews like these are becoming more popular as it can give tangible results with areas of improvement and peer comments. Having a review system like this in place allows a more open line of communication not only between employee and supervisor, but between all employees as well. After all, we are all part of the same working community and communication is the key element to success.