Yellow Page Advertising Still Matters

Research from the Local Search Association has proven that your local yellow pages is still the most trusted form of advertising for consumers. People feel they can rely on the businesses that advertise in their local phone directory. With the ability to target specific headings like Insurance – Home or Restaurants – Spanish Cuisine, finding exactly what they are looking for is fast and easy. Not only can target headings be an advantage, but it’s also 24/7 advertising.

So how do you make the most out of advertising in the yellow pages? Here are a few simple steps:

  1. If you have an ad, be creative. Don’t let it get too busy, but make sure you have the important information so your customers can make a reasonable decision.
  2. Include your logo. Branding is everything so when placing your ad make sure you include recognizable imagery so your customers can identify you.
  3. Choose a heading that shows your unique abilities but also puts you with the competition. There are ways to be creative and stand out with many levels of advertising opportunities.

Having the right amount of online advertising along with print advertising gives you multiple touch points with consumers. Now is the perfect time to advertise in your phone directory. Be where people are searching and your advertising dollars will pay for themselves!