Your Company Party Can Still Happen

Your company party can still happen - blog header

It may seem like so many things have been canceled this year due to the pandemic, and a company holiday party is just one of them. So how can you, as an employer still give back to your employees this holiday season? Here are some ideas to help have a virtual holiday party.

  1. Host a livestream event. Instead of just hosting a zoom meeting, maybe spend your budget hiring a musician or magician to livestream a show for all your employees to “attend”. This will be an engaging and fun way to still celebrate the holiday season in the form of a show.
  2. Email a cocktail recipe kit in advance and host a cocktail hour on zoom. Put together an easy cocktail making kit, mail it to your employees and invite them to partake in a zoom happy hour.
  3. Host a zoom trivia contest or raffle-style giveaway. Have door prizes, maybe play a game of bingo as well, either way, having interactive games and contests will get your employees spirits soaring.
  4. Skip the party and ask your employees what would be most meaningful to them. Maybe donate to a community cause and then keep everyone in the company informed about how that cause is doing throughout the year.

It’s going to look and feel different this year, but with a little creativity and some work you can still host an event where the majority if not all your employees will be able to attend. Zoom is a wonderful tool, but you’ll want to boost the fun to keep down that zoom fatigue people might be feeling.

The pandemic may have changed the way we are doing things, but it’s also made many of us think outside the box. Be creative with your ‘party’ planning and help make it an event your employees will be talking about for years to come!