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Who is Pinnacle Marketing Group?


Do the latest marketing trends keep you up at night? That's a rhetorical question, they really shouldn't, or at least they won't when you work with Pinnacle Marketing Group. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to strategize and capitalize on everything marketing.


Our diverse group of doers has a variety of skills. We know that no two projects or clients are the same. The magic really starts to happen when we are all working together to build brands, wield creativity, problem solve and achieve incredible measurable results.


Well not literally, that wouldn't be healthy. When it comes to our clients, we strive to develop rapport and growth with a foundation built on mutual trust, collaboration and prompt communication. When you work with Pinnacle Marketing Group, know that you have a team of dedicated creative professionals that work for you.

Our Mission

Provide effective marketing solutions for all clients to achieve success.

We believe a strong marketing strategy is a major component for success. The clients we serve will thrive as we build their brand, strengthen their customer relationships, and assist in achieving their goals through results-driven marketing, advertising, design, and consultation.

Proudly serving businesses across the country since 1993.

Pinnacle Marketing Group is headquartered in Bemidji, Minnesota. We cater to businesses of all sizes, offering comprehensive marketing solutions. 

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