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Maple Island Syrup

Maple Island Syrup is a family-run Maple Syrup Business based out of Tenstrike, MN. These syrup magnates tap thousands of trees each year and work as a family to supply local markets. With the kids cleaning, sanitizing, and filling bottles, dad makes sure their secret family recipe is followed to the letter. You can really taste the Maple Island difference.

Services: Design, Logo & Branding, and Packaging.

The Challenge

Create a new logo and label for the brand while utilizing their current bottle and lable shapes. The client requested the use of bright colors and wanted to make the syrup stand out on the shelf in stores.

The Strategy

We elevated the brand by darkening the background. The maple leaves pop off the black and the gold in the logo and the use of the script font elevate this syrup brand and make it stand out from the others.

Maple Island Syrup bottle on a piece of wood
Maple Island syrup old label design on syrup bottle


Maple Island Syrup new label design on syrup bottle