Pinnacle Marketing Group Acquires Hanson Directory Service

­­­Pinnacle Marketing Group, a Bemidji, MN based marketing company, has announced their acquisition of Hanson Directory Service (HDS) from DirecTech, LLC of Chicago, IL.

The purchase of HDS will include 68 telephone directory publications for local, independent communication companies in 15 states, adding to Pinnacle’s existing business of 242 publications across 35 states. While a core group of staff will remain with DirecTech at their Newton, IA location, premise and inside sales staff will join Pinnacle Marketing Group.

“This acquisition is a natural fit for us and we are pleased to join operations to provide opportunity for growth and sustainability in print while also growing our expanding suite of marketing services into these new territories.” said Pinnacle Marketing Group CEO Shelly Geerdes. “We’re also pleased to have DirecTech sales staff join our team to ensure a seamless transition, for both businesses and communication company partners,” said Geerdes.

DirecTech acquired HDS in November 2016 from the founding family who originated and successfully ran the business for over 40 years. DirecTech stream-lined and modernized the HDS business, bringing new digital disciplines to its operations.

Andy McKenna, President of DirecTech stated, “We have known the people of Pinnacle for years and have great respect for their leadership. Their focus on delivering great results for advertising clients has generated important market success. We know they will provide exceptional service to our clients and offer new opportunities to our sales organization.”

Pinnacle Marketing group is a full-service marketing company with a team of professionals creating effective, efficient and measurable marketing campaigns. In addition to print and online directory advertising, services include website design, social media, targeting online advertising, video production and brand development.