Apps That Can Bring Your Business Success

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Business apps can make quite a difference in your company’s efficiency levels. These apps are truly changing the face of business. With so many different aspects to running a business, such as meeting deadlines, paying employees, communicating with your team, and tracking your expenses, it makes being the head a business quite a handful. Certain business apps can help with anything from organization and customer feedback to video conferencing and business tips.

Survey Monkey: Tired of trying to figure out what your customers want? With Survey Monkey you can create Surveys to measure user engagement and get anonymous customer feedback on your pricing, products, website, and much more. The Survey Monkey website will even let you in on tips, types of questions to ask, and how to properly word those questions.

Zoom: Zoom is a Video Conferencing Tool that enables users to meet online with or without video and sound. It allows you to collaborate on projects, share screens, and record video sessions. With this, you can either use the Free or Pro Version. The Pro Version is equipped to handle over 50 participants with unlimited meeting times, wherein the Free Version has no cap on the number of meetings you can have but does have a participant limit and only allows for 40-minute calls.

Microsoft OneDrive: This is a Files app for Microsoft 365 that connects you to all your work or school files. OneDrive saves all files online, taking up zero space on your computer and allows you to share and collaborate your files with anyone, from anywhere, on any device, while keeping your files safe and protected.

Square: This is a Payment app that is good for smaller or new businesses.  The app uses a small, portable card reader that attaches to a phone or other mobile devices and allows customers to pay for your goods or services with Magstripe, a chip card, or NFC (Phone Payments) without needing to use Wi-Fi. The app also allows employees to log their hours. This is perfect for someone who wants to start selling products or services and make sales and payments flow smoothly.

Asana: Asana was made to improve team Collaboration and Management. This app helps you manage, plan, and monitor projects across initiatives and teams to keep everything on track. It will help teams understand where time is spent and how long it takes to finish tasks. Teams or managers can create projects, specify deadlines for tasks, assign work to specific employees, and discuss certain tasks and assignments directly on the app. The Basic Version of this app is free for users, while the Premium Version starts at $9.99 per month.

There are so many great business apps that you can use to benefit your company. With all these apps so readily available, you must try to take advantage of at least one, especially since many of them are free of charge. The weight of running a business can be heavy, but with the proper tools, you can simplify your business finances, keep your business organized, know where time is spent, and save both time and money. Efficient and Effective companies are the Successful ones.