Brand vs. Branding

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Having a Brand and Branding your company are two different things that can be a challenge to differentiate. The two words have very different definitions in marketing terms. Brand is you and how others perceive your business, whereas Branding are things you do to manage and influence your “Brand”.

"Brand is you and how others perceive your business. Branding are things you do to manage and influence your brand."

What is Brand?

It’s the emotions and feelings you evoke in the hearts and minds of your customers. Your brand should be present in everything your business does from how you answer the phone to your website experience. Your brand should reflect your mission and your values.

What is Branding?

Branding refers to the tools and strategies used to influence the way people see and think about a brand. Branding is both visual (brand identity, logo, colors, graphics, etc.) and emotional (brand). Branding is the entire process of creating and managing a name and image that helps to set a business apart from its competition. Making business cards, posting to social media, and running an advertising campaign are all examples of branding in action.

Still Confused?
Think of your own personality. Do you consider yourself a punctual person? If so, that may be a part of your personality (brand). Now think of the things you do that contribute to being punctual such as waking up early, picking out your outfit the night before, being organized, and planning. If you only do these things once, it doesn’t make you a punctual person. They must be consistent habits to become part of your personality. In the same way, the things you do to influence your brand must be consistent to be accepted as your business’s personality.

Why is branding important?

Branding helps you stand out from your competition.No matter what type of business you have, you’re going to have competition. Effective branding will help you to stand out and show your audience why they should buy your products or services.

Branding creates a consistent experience, consistency is good. Inconsistent brands do not build brand loyalty. Therefore, every interaction that your consumers have with your brand needs to be consistent and on brand.

Branding turns buyers into return customers.  When you do branding right, you create a base of loyal customers who buy the products and services you create. It’s far easier to sell to someone who has previously bought from you than someone who hasn’t.

Branding may seem to be a simple concept on the surface, but when you start digging deeper, you will be able to see the many ways it can help grow your business and reach new customers. If you want to maximize the effect of your branding and start growing your business, contact the expert team at Pinnacle Marketing Group today.