Cross-Promoting. Why It’s Helping Small Businesses Advertise

Cross-promoting: why it's helping small businesses advertise blog header with image of a puzzle piece, a plus sign, another puzzle piece, an equal sign, and then a drawing of a light bulb

Advertising can be a tricky thing. Choosing where and how to spend those dollars can be frustrating and feel like a waste of valuable time. We all know word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to advertise, but have you ever considered cross-promoting with a business who has the same target market as you?

Cross-promotion can be anything you and another business agree upon. You could put together a bundle package: buy this item here and receive a discount there, work on social media posts together, or it could be as simple as placing your advertising leaflet on their counter and vice-versa. Anything to help get your name out there through the help of your local small businesses.

This type of promotion helps not just you, but a fellow business owner with stretching those advertising dollars. You can print joint promotional flyers, collaborate on a joint blog, and send out press releases together. The idea of networking with one or two other businesses will help increase those word-of-mouth recommendations because all of you are now expanding upon the other’s targeted market.

Stop thinking of the business next door or down the street is a competitor and start joining forces to reach a more sizeable audience. It will result in a larger, more diverse group of customers who will find you where you might not have been found previously.