“Eco-Friendly Marketing”

Eco-friendly marketing blog header with image of woman carrying a recycling bin

Whether you’ve been running an eco-friendly business for years or are just getting started, take advantage of promoting your efforts. “Green” marketing can boost your company image and help your bottom line.

Reduce Waste

Embracing digital advertising is an easy way to green up your act. Promoting with social media, adding a video to your website, or placing an ad in a digital directory produces zero waste. Reaching a large audience while wasting less: it’s a win-win!

Find a way to recycle or reuse products. Promote recycling options to your customers. Maybe offer reduced prices on scratch-and-dent products that would otherwise hit the landfill. Old office furnishings can find a new home at a charity store. When in doubt, contact your local waste management facility for advice.


Above all, share your achievements. If your company adopts a highway, post clean-up day photos on social media. Brag about improvements in the workplace, even if it’s just setting up recycling bins. Before replacing the old break room fridge with an energy efficient one, ask if a local college student could put it to good use. Those connections will promote good public relationships.

Advice by Industry

Whatever business you are in, there’s a way to take steps forward. If you’ve already made these changes, look into getting your products green certified, or further expanding awareness in your community.

  • Office Workers:
    Choose recycled paper and double-sided printing
  • Resorts and Hotels:
    Encourage re-use of towels and bedding instead of daily laundering services
  • Animal Care:
    Sell/promote organic pet foods and eco-friendly pet toys
  • Automotive:
    Encourage regular car maintenance to boost fuel efficiency and keep cars running longer
  • Restaurants:
    Ditch the Styrofoam “to-go” box for biodegradable/recyclable containers
  • Cleaning Services:
    Choose green cleaning products and dispose of hazardous chemicals safely